The Nordmann fir is one of the most important species grown for Christmas trees and the most popular type of Christmas tree in the UK. 
It is a fir indigenous to the mountains south and east of the Black Sea, in Turkey, Georgia, Russian Caucasus, north Armenia and northwest Azerbaijan. However, can now be seen grown widely across the European continent.

It's favoured for its attractive foliage which has a glossy green colour with two blue-white bands of stomata below, giving this tree its amazing two-toned colour which is why it’s so popular as a Christmas tree.
It has long needles which are non-pointy, soft, flattened and do not drop readily when the tree dries out. This makes it ideal to be used in an indoor environment as well as outdoor, and also suitable for those with young children.

Our Nordmann Fir trees are provided by a locally-based, industry known supplier. They have over 50 years of experience in purchasing the highest-grade trees available as well as over 15 years’ experience in growing.

All our trees supplied by them are handpicked, giving you the best trees available.

Suppliers of Premier Grade Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees in London, Surrey & the South East

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